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LVI Member of the Month - October 2019

Hakim Lewis with Mark Kramer, Conservation Director of Armand Bayou Nature Center

Hakim Lewis- Crew Leader, LVI

Our LVI Member of the month award for October 2019 goes to Hakim Lewis! Hakim is a 3rd-year Crew Leader for the GulfCorps program through Limitless Vistas. He is passionate about photography, directing and performing in various forms of performance art, as well as being a leader and positive role model in our community. Below Hakim shares one of his many defining experiences.

Hakim Lewis instructing GulfCorps crew members

Defining Experience

I like to reflect on the day my team conducted the annual Christmas Tree Drop Recycling Project. I was granted the opportunity to oversee my team collaborate with LEAAF Environmental, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Louisiana Army and Air National. We place over 9,000 trees into a portion of the Bayou Sauvage Refuge Complex, to re-establish the natural marshland levee, that was destroyed during hurricane Katrina.

Hakim Lewis instructing GulfCorps crew members

How did you react in the moment?

I strategically recorded and monitored the mission, and was sure to inform my crew of their flawless implementation of skill and mind.

How do you feel about this experience when you look back from the present?

I have a strong faith in the professional development of my crew and myself, and look to build on all of the previous efforts we’ve successfully conducted.

What did you learn from this experience?

I was able to comprehend the impact of acquiring the means and resources to put forth effort towards a better tomorrow for myself and the world. This objective gave me insight on the human impact on humans, and the human impact on nature.

Hakim Lewis with GulfCorps crew following the Christmas Tree Drop Recycling Project

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Limitless Vistas, Inc. is a New Orleans’ based non-profit, whose mission is to help young adults obtain the skills and knowledge to become gainfully employed in the environmental or conservation fields, build a hopeful future, develop civic pride, and establish life-long conservation skills and attitudes. Since 2006, Limitless Vistas, Inc. has trained more than 600 young adults and adults, providing them with industry-recognized certifications, and the skills and knowledge needed to begin careers as field technicians in the environmental, construction, conservation, or water-related professions. For more information about the programs offered by Limitless Vistas, Inc., visit our website at

Article written by Kayla Jones, Marketing Specialist, LVI



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