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LVI Member of the Month - November 2019

Rex walking from class at chainsaw training at Camp Tiak in Wiggins, MS

Rex Simmons- GulfCorps Crew Member, LVI

Our LVI Member of the month award for November 2019 goes to Rex Simmons! Rex is the newest member for the GulfCorps program through Limitless Vistas, although he has been working with various organizations to promote conservation efforts for the past few years. We are very excited to have him as apart of our team! Below, Rex shares about his future aspirations in computer mapping.

Future Aspirations

Rex holding a flare at Wildland Fire Training at Camp Tiak in Wiggins, MS

What got you interested in computer mapping?

I first got interested in computer mapping while doing water quality monitoring research in the Great Lakes region. I’m fascinated with the power of data science and decentralized geospatial technologies, and the roles they can play in the future of environmentalism.

What are you most excited about in pursuing this and what challenges do you see yourself facing during your journey?

I’m excited about the research opportunities I will have in the future, and ways that I can apply my learned skills to a plethora of different global issues. The challenge lies in the logistics of getting there, and maintaining site lines to the end goal while other facets of my life continue on.

GulfCorps crew members learn about chainsaw safety and maintenance

Who is your biggest influence for wanting to pursue computer mapping?

My professor Rachel Eveleth was very influential in guiding me to the multipurpose practicality of computer mapping and data analysis. In addition to showing me how to collect, monitor, and process data using Python, she showed me that these methods of analysis are extremely flexible, and that the tools necessary for monitoring are available to anyone interested in their applications.

What do you hope this will lead to in the future?

These tools are extremely applicable to many different career paths. At the Wildland Fire Training I just completed with the other crew members, I learned that GIS is an integral part of planning and operations for prescribed burns and wildfire suppression. These tools should also allow me plenty of research opportunities that I would not have had otherwise.

Rex very excited to receive his certification after completing Chainsaw Training

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Limitless Vistas, Inc. is a New Orleans’ based non-profit, whose mission is to help young adults obtain the skills and knowledge to become gainfully employed in the environmental or conservation fields, build a hopeful future, develop civic pride, and establish life-long conservation skills and attitudes. Since 2006, Limitless Vistas, Inc. has trained more than 600 young adults and adults, providing them with industry-recognized certifications, and the skills and knowledge needed to begin careers as field technicians in the environmental, construction, conservation, or water-related professions. For more information about the programs offered by Limitless Vistas, Inc., visit our website at

Article written by Kayla Jones, Marketing Specialist, LVI

Photos provided by Exquisite Productions, LLC



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