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In Support of Equal Justice

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Below is the text of a statement from LVI's founder and Board of Director's President:

RE: A Statement In Support of Equal Justice From Limitless Vistas, Inc.

Limitless Vistas, Inc. was founded with the hope to help bridge the economic and

opportunity gap that exists between our vulnerable urban youth and the majority


It is not lost to us that this economic and opportunity gap as well as the

brutalization and often murder of our young people by the police is in large

part the legacy of systemic racism in our society. We believe that we must all play

a role in righting the wrongs of our past, in essence we are our brother’s keeper!

Accordingly, Limitless Vistas is proud to stand with the family of George Floyd and

the millions young people protesting across our country and the world. We commit

to doing our best to support and pay these efforts forward.


Patrick A. B. Barnes, PG

Limitless Vistas, Inc.

Founder & Board of Director’s President


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