RECAP of the 2018 WEFTEC Emerging Water Quality Scholars Program

The 2018 WEFTEC Emerging Water Quality Scholars (EWQS) Program was a great success!  Our sponsors (listed below) helped sponsor 14 young adults to explore the water industry as a career choice.  The program started with a green infrastructure build where EWQS students worked to install a bioswale at the Treme Community Center.  This started their introduction into the many impacts water has on New Orleans.  They spent a little time at the exciting WEFTEC Operations Challenge where professionals competed to finish various tasks.  They next took a tour of the Carrollton Water Treatment Plant, the new 17th Street Canal Pump Station, and the Historic Lakefront Airport where they ate lunch and heard about the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East and the Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority.  The next day they took a tour of the exhibition hall led by Mr. Cedric Grant (former director of the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board), and participated in a Careers Pathway discussion with leaders from the water industry.  Finally the program closed with Mr. Ghassan Korban, the current director of the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board, as the Key Note Speaker. 

As part of the EWQS program, leaders from across the country met to discuss the status of the Water Quality Workforce and how to collaborate to address current and impending workforce development needs. A summary of that meeting will be for


Below are some excerpts from scholar feedback about the program:

The Emerging Water Quality Scholars program has provided many experiences that would have otherwise been inaccessible. Most prominent to me was the ability to meet flood specialists and gain a more complete understanding of our pump and drain systems by touring actual facilities. This was enhanced by viewing some of the same equipment on the convention floor the following day. Everyone one at Limitless Vistas has been so kind in guiding our team of students as we took everything in. I am extremely grateful for this week at WEFTEC 2018. Thank you for this opportunity and for everything else being done at Limitless Vistas. Please forward any volunteer opportunities my way. I would love to stay in touch with this outstanding organization and give back where I can.

Jessica - Delgado Community College

I would like to say thank you for the opportunity! Despite having some prior in the wastewater field, I was able to see the wide range of career advancement opportunities. It was extremely a unique opportunity to be able to engage with some of the top industry Professionals and gain a direct pipeline of communication to them.

I intend to share what I have learned with the hope of paying it further. In addition, having the high school youth from Landry Walker was great because it allowed me to share my experience with them and for them to be able to see that I come from a similar background as many of them and have be able to seek out better.

I am thankful for everyone who played a role in organizing the activities. I was able to see the genuine passion from all parties involved and that was encouraging. 

When the ladies spoke about adversity and breaking barriers many of which I've experienced I was inspired to continue pursuing this field and performing above and beyond striving to make an impact one step at a time.

This is a very memorable experience for me. Excellent program!!

Nadine - OXFAM

Coming into this program knowing nothing about water or where it comes from, this program helped me learn so much. I love the fact that I got a chance to meet new people a mixture of people at that . Also, the experience made me realize that with our drinking water they have so many people working towards getting out community clean water. They all have very important jobs and they all work together really well. I love the fact that everything was just so educational. I also learned that there’s a lot to give in the field of engineering. 

Angel – Landry-Walker High School

The Emerging Water Quality Scholars Program put on by Limitless Vista is a phenomenal program. It was an honor to be a part of it. I appreciated learning about the Sewerage and Water Board processes. The pumping canals in and around the city. Most importantly the infrastructure of the of the eyewall and levee systems. I hope the program continue in grows. 

Danyelle - OXFAM

I really enjoyed the WEFTEC event, and I learned a lot about water and the way it impacts us on a day-to-day basis. With this program as a high school student I am able to now figure out what I would like to do in college. This is a big step in my future and I appreciate the opportunity that the WEFTEC has given me.

Trevon – Landry-Walker High School

Well I really enjoyed myself at the expo and also the tour.  The tour showed me stuff about my home town where I’ve been living at all my life.  Thank you for giving me this once in the life time chance to get in this program.

Khyron – Landry-Walker High School

I would like to say Thank you, first off because this was a great opportunity. WEFTEC allowed me to learn a tremendous amount about engineering and water. I greatly appreciate you! Thank you again.

Solomon – Landry-Walker High School

I really cannot put into words the amount of insight and knowledge that I have gained from this entire experience. The education I received spans across so many levels, from the practical and technical, to the business and networking aspects of this vastly inclusive field of work. Not to mention the overwhelming amount of scientific explanations and breakthroughs, which are happening all around us.

I am truly grateful for people like you all at Limitless Vistas and want to thank you a hundred times for doing what you do. You are literally changing lives and I want you to know that you have  impacted at least one life this week. I will always remember this time as an immeasurable help to me personally and as a guide for this pivotal turning point on my journey.

I look forward to future opportunities of collaboration, education, and service.

Andrew – Delgado Community College

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Mr. Ghassan Korban
Mr. Ghassan Korban

Executive Director of the Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans - EWQS Key Note Speaker


Leadership Team Meeting
Leadership Team Meeting

Mr. Ghassan Korban
Mr. Ghassan Korban

Executive Director of the Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans - EWQS Key Note Speaker

Thank You to All of Our Sponsors Both Big and Small