Who We Are

LVI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to creating opportunities for disconnected young adults.  LVI was founded in 2006 by Patrick Barnes, President of BFA Environmental Consultants, with the premise “The greatest opportunity coincides with the greatest need.”

LVI provides free environmental conservation workforce development and job training.  To date, LVI has trained over 500 local individuals with a placement rate of 75%.

LVI receives grant funding from the EPA, AmeriCorps, The Corps Network, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, Gulf of Mexico Alliance, OXFAM America, and others.

Our Vision
Our Mission

LVI’s mission is to help young adults obtain the skills and knowledge to become gainfully employed in the environmental or conservation industries, build a hopeful future, develop civic pride, and establish life-long conservation skills and attitudes.

LVI goals are multi-faceted with students learning to give back to their community, developing a sense of pride, and becoming stewards of the environment, all while developing job, social, and employable skills.  Our program is strongly based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and is led by local scientists and professionals. LVI graduates have the skills, certifications and knowledge needed to begin a career as well-rounded environmental/ conservation field technicians.